in praise of shadows
in praise of shadows
in praise of shadows
in praise of shadows

From the dark, rises our wildest imagination.

“In praise of shadows” is a response to an idea open call of renovating traditional machiya house in Kyoto, Japan. The concept derives from Tanizaki Junichiro’s seminal theory of Japanese aethestics: beauty lies in different shades of darkness.

Aiming to embed modern lifestyle into a historic dwelling, to celebrate private life as well as public life, the design scheme tries to not only preserve the past, but trascend it.

Demountable window covers, curtains, greens are introduced to create different levels of openness and closeness. Reclaimed wood, rice paper, rough raw stone, glazed tiles…… Humble materials make up a modest palette for the furnishings to remind people that, even by humble means, we can still live and feel the fullest.


Distinction award


Kyoto, Japan


Renovation design