imagine the future of education
imagine the future of education
imagine the future of education
imagine the future of education

This project presents an improvised campus providing flexible spaces and easy atmosphere just like a amusement park. In the imagined future, school serves as a forum for children to explore their wonders, not only accepting the facts and truths written on the books. but also a tool for children to extend their possiblilities just by playing, establishing conversations with peers and conserving dreams.

_Left-behind Children's Schooling

In China, out of 5 children, there's one left behind by their parents at rural homes to grandparents while themselves working in big cities. the total number of the left-behind children is 10 million. these children's living status and school performace drives me to do some research.

_Children's Playground

Despite left-behind children's at a very young age, poverty made them more mature than their peers. at home, they need to help with chores, and the strictness of schooling left them no time to really be a child.

_Open Framework

To adress the left-behind children issue in rurual China, an open framework can be both economic and constructive friendly. An open framework is also a free plan to adapt to different spatial needs.