bluest line on earth
bluest line on earth
bluest line on earth
bluest line on earth
bluest line on earth

Qinghai Lake, bluer than the sky
White clouds, outlining distant mountains
The greens, staying deep in one's heart

Qinghai lake is intertwined with sky, earth, and human heart, purifying the soul and creating a spontaneous sense of happiness. The child-like natural smile that comes from everyone who visited this place is the concept of this logo design.

The logo adopts a circular composition
A dark blue straight line symbolizes the deep blue gradient of Qingdao Lake from top to bottom. Three light blue lines are like calligraphy strokes, abstracting the distant mountains and floating white clouds. The dark blue line goes downwards. The formal Chinese pinyin and handwritten words Qinghai Lake National Park written in green symbolize people’s smiles_the upward arc of the corners of the mouth.


Qinghai, China